Announcing News Headlines Enhancements

I'm pleased to announce an enhancement to SearchDay that should appeal to all of you news junkies: permanent archiving of the headlines that appear in each web edition of SearchDay.

SearchDay is published each day as both a text-based email newsletter and a HTML web page on the web site. The Archives page provides easy access to past issues, so you can still find specific articles, reviews and other content even if you don't save the email newsletters.

Until today, however, the search headlines on web editions were generated by a script that automatically updated headlines each day. It wasn't possible to search the site for a headline that appeared in a previous edition -- and many of you missed this capability.

Beginning with this issue, headlines on each web edition will be static. This means you can use the archives and the search function on the site to locate news headlines from past issues.

One caveat -- although the headlines are static, the underlying stories may not always be accessible. It's a common practice for news sites to move stories into pay-only archives a week or two after they're published. So over time, many of these static links may become broken.

Nonetheless, you'll still be able to access these articles directly at the source, after signing up for access. To make it easier for you to locate the story directly at the source, I've added date and time information to each headline. These timestamps indicate when Moreover "scraped" the headlines, not necessarily when they were published. But they're still useful for limiting your search on a news publisher's site.

I hope you find this new feature useful -- many thanks to all of you who suggested it. As always, I welcome your comments on SearchDay -- just click on the link to the feedback form below.

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication's search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

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