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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Buzz Monitoring = Brand Development
Every day, people are talking online about your company and products. Some discussions are positive; some are negative. The trick is to capitalize on these discussions to build a better brand and link popularity.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Search Engine Optimization in a Down Economy
During the last downturn, we witnessed Google become a leader in their space without a huge marketing budget. They had a better widget. To me, search marketing is the better widget, when it comes to the average marketer determining how to spend their now-limited budget.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

The End of the Beginning
The first generation of the search-advertising model has passed. The next generation of search advertising and natural search will take some of the power away from the elite few in favor of placing the tools in the hands of the people. Before we see the next generation rise, we'll have to pay some dues.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie

SMB Link Building Without a Dime
Link building doesn't have to be expensive. The first step in finding good links actually started a while ago, when you got to work writing great content that others will want to link to. Next comes scoping out your top-ranking competitors and copying what they're doing right.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Twitter's Big Search Plans: A Google Killer?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 6, 2009

AdAge has the scoop on Twitter's plans for search. Could this possibly be a real challenge to Google? Last year, Twitter acquired Summize, which was a Twitter search developed on the API. Twitter search is increasingly popular, especially for finding real-time chatter on a given topic. Recently, a Greasemonkey script was ...
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Yahoo Competes with Facebook; Facebook Competes with Twitter
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 6, 2009

Yahoo! is now competing with Facebook Connect. Through a partnership with JS-Kit, Yahoo! Updates is now available on over 600,000 websites. The joint effort helps sites bring social networking functionality to their sites. (Google's Friend Connect is also a player in this space.) Meanwhile, Facebook is competing with Twitter. It had ...
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Google AdSense Offers Expandable, Rich Media Ads
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 6, 2009

Google AdSense is introducing expandable ads to their ad offering. Expandable ads are ones that increase when an action is taken. With some networks, ads increase in size when a user mouses over or scrolls a page. But AdSense's expandable ads will increase only when clicked on. The AdSense expandable ads ...
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AOL's Platform-A Launches in Canada
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 6, 2009

AOL's advertising arm, Platform-A has extended its offerings to Canada. The launch combines networks already available in Canada, such as, which AOL owns. Platform-A will reach 22.5 million unique visitors a month in Canada, which is 93% of the online audience. "Today's launch enables advertisers to leverage the strong Canadian ...
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Google AdSense Allows Feed Ad Review
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 6, 2009

Google AdSense launched a feed ad program last August. Now, they're enabling users to review their ads before they appear in the posts. The feature is called the Ad Review Center. Users can approve or disapprove of ads before they go into the feeds. To do so, login to your AdSense account. ...
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Is Google Adsense Killing Your Business? Mar 5, 2009
Google ads are based on the content that is on your site. Because your content is about a particular product or service, the ads on your site will also be about similar products or services. If the ads are compelling enough, people will click them and leave your site. Sure, ...
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Low Volume Keywords Mar 3, 2009
I could have swore I read something, early last year, on the Official Adwords Blog that they were not doing this anymore: *No The keyword phrase you've entered has a low search volume and isn't showing any of your ads. * Am I mistaken? Does anyone else remember this? I think it is pretty ...
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Open Question: Currency & Adwords International Traffic. Mar 4, 2009
Has anyone experienced this, or knows of any cases: * Discrepancy $US vr other currencies in ADWORDS.* I've been told by a client that he ran all his international campaigns in a $US account. (He's in Canada) He claims for the exact same budget and GEO-TARGETS in $CDN, that he experienced as much ...
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