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Seven Stupid Searching Mistakes, Concluded
SearchDay, Mar. 28, 2002
It's easy to make mistakes using search engines. Continuing with yesterday's four common blunders, this rounds out the seven stupid searching mistakes made by even the most experienced searchers.

Seven Stupid Searching Mistakes, Part 1
SearchDay, Mar. 27, 2002
In the lighthearted spirit of the popular books for "idiots" and "dummies," here's a look at seven common blunders that are virtually guaranteed to deliver useless, nonsensical, or completely worthless search results.

Customized News Alerts from the Gray Lady
SearchDay, Mar. 26, 2002
The New York Times is now offering free, customized news alerts when articles that match your interest are published in the newspaper.

Google's New High Protein Diet
SearchDay, Mar. 25, 2002
Google is harnessing the collective computing power of its users to help model complex proteins, a project that could lead to the development of cures for Alzheimer's, cancer, AIDS and other diseases.

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'Googleblog': Search Firm Gets into Weblogging,,7_999071,00.html
The search engine upstart is preparing to launch the Google's News Search, grouping third-party links to the day's top headlines.

Hurricane Chats It Up With A New IM Bot,2198,3531_996921,00.html
'MyOwnBuddy' lets users access appointments, general information, Web searches and network diagnostics.

Stopping Spyware
Internet surfers need to worry about more than viruses. Secret ad servers and other unwanted guests inhabit most computers, but at least these ISP professionals know how to track them down and eliminate them.

Making the Leap From Free to Fee
He's ba-ack! Andy Bourland returns to ClickZ to dissect online publishing models -- specifically, how to monetize content. Paid subscriptions? Premium content? Syndication?

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