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Searching for News - Beyond the Headlines
SearchDay, Oct. 18, 2001
Eight essential sites offering commentary, analysis and alternative points of view to help you make sense of the chaos taking place in the world today.

Power Tools for News Junkies
SearchDay, Oct. 17, 2001
Customize your online news with these nifty tools that aggregate snippets of news from all over the web into a single unified access point.

News Portals and Search Engines
SearchDay, Oct. 16, 2001
Using a search engine to find news is like using the encyclopedia to look up a phone number -- not too smart. Specialized news search sites are the best tool for the job.

Searching for News
SearchDay, Oct. 15, 2001
Web resources that provide breaking news, including newswire and headline aggregators, email alerting services, and desktop news tickers.

Elsewhere at INT Media

The World's Online Populations,,5911_151151,00.html
CyberAtlas has updated its list of the world's online populations, which now includes more than 50 nations around the globe.

Intel and Stanford Using P2P To Fight Alzheimer's,2198,3531_905611,00.html
Program and Web site allow computer users to download "screensavers" that create a virtual network of computers donating unused computing cycles to scientific research.

The (Domain) Name Game
Domain names are more important than many people realize. The investment of time, a reasonable amount of money, and a great amount of thought can provide a company with excellent branding and a leg up on the competition.

New Standard Worth Its Weight In SALT,2198,3531_903781,00.html
A coalition of six companies joins to accelerate widespread adoption of a new standard it says will make accessing the Web through voice commands possible from several different appliances.

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