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Inktomi Improves International Search
SearchDay, Dec. 13, 2001
Users of Inktomi's regional portal partners should see an improvement in search results thanks to enhancements announced at the Search Engine Strategies conference this week in Copenhagen.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Web Sites
SearchDay, Dec. 12, 2001
Tips, techniques and new strategies for creating web sites search engines love, from two internationally regarded search engine optimization and site architecture experts.

Google Fires New Salvo in Search Engine Size Wars
SearchDay, Dec. 11, 2001
Google's web index has grown to more than 3 billion documents, including an unprecedented archive of Usenet newsgroup postings dating back to 1981.

Search Engine Strategies Photos!
SearchDay, Dec. 10, 2001
An online photo gallery of speakers and search engine representatives attending the recent Search Engine Strategies conference in Dallas.

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Yahoo To Snatch HotJobs Out of the Clutches Of, Dec. 12, 2001,2198,3531_939331,00.html
Yahoo CEO Terry Semel sends a personal letter to Dimitri Boylan along with a stock-cash offer of $436 million to outbid TMP for the New York-based Internet recruiting firm.

eVe 3 Professional
Java Boutique, Dec. 13, 2001
Locating images and video is not an easy task, and when there are many files to search through, sometimes the only way to search through them is visually. Now the next generation eVision technology can do just that - find images and video visually.

Has CMGI Turned the Corner?, Dec. 12, 2001,1928,2001_938411,00.html
The Andover, Mass., Internet investor saw Q1 revenue slip 22 percent but cut operating losses by 81 percent -- a hopeful sign that its painful 16-month restructuring is slowing the flow of red ink.

Perl for Web Site Management
Web Developer's Virtual Library, Dec. 11, 2001
Perl for Web Site Management shows how to write CGI scripts, incorporate search engines, convert multiple text files to HTML, monitor log files, and track visitors to your site. This second installment looks at the log-analysis script and different log file formats. From O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

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