Google tlhIngan majQa'! (Google Does Klingon :-)

Google continues to go where no search engine has gone before, adding new interface languages including the warriors' tongue, Klingon.

Other new languages recently added include Belarusian, Javanese, Occitan, Thai and Urdu. This brings the total number of interface languages Google offers to 72.

Diehard Dahar can set their Google interface permanently to display Klingon. If you're just interested in fooling around with the new interface, use the link to the advanced search form below which is preconfigured to display Klingon.

Google - User Preferences

Use this form to set your search interface language or any of the other customizable features offered by Google.

Klingon Advanced Search Interface

The Klingon Language Institute
Think Google is just making up its Klingon interface? Ghobe'! The Klingon Language Institute offers glossaries, spoken pronunciation clips, and links to other authoritative Klingon resources on the web.

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