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Charlie Munger, partner of legendary investor Warren Buffett, is fond of the word "lollapalooza" to describe knowledge, strategies or tactics that lead to outsize or even phenomenal investment returns. In our world of web search, it is possible to get lollapalooza effects if you know what you're doing -- and super searcher Gary Price has written a guide that shows you how.

"Web Search Engine FAQs: Questions, Answers, and Issues" is the cover story of the October 2001 issue of Searcher Magazine. It's a wide ranging look at the state of web search today, covering all of the major search engines and directories, as well as alternative specialized search engines and directories.

For those of you who have heard Gary speak, the format is similar to his presentations. Each section of the article features a "What should the searcher do?" conclusion, loaded with practical tips, tools and techniques.

Gary is well known for his compilations of lists, especially "top ten" lists, and this article also features his "top ten things to know about" each of the major web search services.

The article is online, but if you're not familiar with Searcher Magazine you should consider subscribing. It's on my list of "must read" publications to keep up with the constantly changing world of finding information on the web.

Web Search Engine FAQs: Questions, Answers, and Issues

Searcher Magazine - Contents and Subscription Info

Price's List of Lists
The Internet contains numerous lists of information. Many of these lists present information in the form of rankings of different people, organizations, companies, etc. This collection is designed to be a clearinghouse for these types of resources.

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About the author

Chris Sherman is a frequent contributor to several information industry journals. He's written several books, including The McGraw-Hill CD ROM Handbook and The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't See, co-authored with Gary Price. Chris has written about search and search engines since 1994, when he developed online searching tutorials for several clients. From 1998 to 2001, he was About.com's Web Search Guide.