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SearchDay #49, July 12 - Special Search Tools & Products Issue
Guest writer and respected industry expert Avi Rappoport provides an update on developments in the world of search tools and products that make sites and intranets searchable.

SearchDay #48, July 11 - Power Searching with SurfWax
We continue our look under the hood of SurfWax, a metasearch engine that offers some unique advanced features to registered users.

SearchDay #47, July 10 - Hang Ten with SurfWax Metasearch
SurfWax is a metasearch engine with some powerful advanced features, including the ability to build your own customized gateways into the Invisible web.

SearchDay #46, July 9 - In Defense of Search Engine Cloaking
Search engines with myopic vision are limiting the Web by enforcing politically correct and stylistically bankrupt policies, according to one disgruntled SearchDay reader.


Elsewhere on Inks Deal With iWon,2198,3531_797111,00.html
Sunnyvale-based online review site brings its computer and technology input to the 5th most trafficked site on the Internet.

Internet Politics Insider
A new measure that would help to create a new top-level ".kids" domain that will help to provide a safe online environment for children has been introduced by two House members.

Cingular Gets Google-ized,2198,3531_798911,00.html
The number two wireless company adds popular search engine to its Web enabled phone service.

Opera 5.12 for Windows Released
Now available: Java support, bugfixes, and Netscape Mail importing.

Paging Mr. Orwell, Mr. George Orwell...,,5931_799431,00.html
More than 42 million Web surfers logged on to the Internet from the office in the past year, according to Nielsen//NetRatings, but the chances are increasing that Big Brother has an eye on the places they surf.

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