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Forget Smart Tags; TopText Is Doing What You Feared
SearchDay, Aug. 23, 2001
Bad press got Microsoft to recently abandon plans for Smart
ags that turned words on web pages into hyperlinks that it or others could control. However, another company's system to do this, called TopText, is live, growing in popularity, and has some site owners up in arms.

BrightPlanet Upgrades LexiBot
SearchDay, Aug. 22, 2001
BrightPlanet, the company best known for its often-cited study of the "deep web," has released version 2.0 of its LexiBot Software.

Announcing News Headlines Enhancements
SearchDay, Aug. 21, 2001
SearchDay gets an enhancement that should appeal to all of you news junkies: permanent archiving of the headlines that appear in each web edition of the newsletter.

SearchDay, Aug. 20, 2001
Web searching news headlines from around the Web.

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Internet Founder Debunks Slow Web Growth,2198,3531_866741,00.html
One of the men responsible for creating the Web as we know it says Internet usage grew at breakneck speeds last year and shows no sign of slowing down.

Survey: 80% of Top Brands Grab .INFO Domain,1471,8471_867331,00.html
About 80 percent of the top corporate firms have snapped up the .INFO domain name associated with their brands, allaying preliminary fears that the roll out of the new TLDs would lead to a large-scale cybersquatting.

How to Make a Successful Site, Uncle Sam Style
What does the federal government know about Web sites? Plenty, judging from the success of the "America's Library" site. Learn how the site generated 100 million hits in one year, and pick up hints for your private-sector efforts.

"What Makes Web Marketing Work" Study Released,2198,3531_868531,00.html
New CyberAtlas research sheds some light on bettering the odds of your Web site being found by potential customers.

Working on a Unified Code for 'LOL' or :),,10_870221,00.html
Hoping to eliminate any misunderstandings, an XML standards group creates a technical committee to develop Human Markup Language, with the intent to humanize the Web and create a standardized way for conveying emotion and body language.

Logitech and Google: The One-Click Search Engine,2198,3531_870501,00.html
Partnership means Web's most used search engine is now the default choice on Logitech iTouch keyboards.

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