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Shopping Search and Price Comparison Engines
SearchDay, Nov. 21, 2002
Capping off SearchDay's shopping search week, here's a roundup of some of the web's most popular and useful shopping and price comparison search engines.

Inside DealTime's Shopping Search Engine
SearchDay, Nov. 20, 2002
DealTime is one of the most popular shopping services on the web, despite the fact that it doesn't directly sell any products to consumers.

Getting Started with Shopping Search
SearchDay, Nov. 19, 2002
Online shopping is both safe and satisfying, if you start by doing a bit of detective work on both the products you want to buy and the online merchants who sell them.

Shopping Search Engine Week!
SearchDay, Nov. 18, 2002
This week, SearchDay focuses on specialized shopping search engines, with an eye toward helping you make the most of your searching skills during the holiday gift buying season.

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Enterprises Sailing Towards Portals,2350,4191_1500061,00.html
META Group reports that 85 percent of Global 2000 companies will select an enterprise portal framework by 2004. Those that don't will be at a competitive disadvantage.

Search Engine Usage Ranks High,,5941_1500821,00.html
Internet users who still haven't found what they're looking for may need to go beyond the first couple of pages of results.

Should Email Be Free?
If each email cost money to send (like a letter), who would really pay?

Design Really Matters
How much does your site's design matter? Probably more than you realize.

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