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Special Search Tools Issue, Part 2
SearchDay, May 16, 2002
Search tools maven Avi Rappoport covers new and updated web site search tools and search engines.

Special Search Tools Issue, Part 1
SearchDay, May 15, 2002
Search tools maven Avi Rappoport covers new articles, announcements and reports from the world of web site search software. Tomorrow: New and updated search tools.

Alexa Meets Google
SearchDay, May 14, 2002
Web navigation company Alexa has launched an intriguing new search engine powered by Google, offering powerful search tools with a number of unique twists.

Google AdWords: Sublime Poetry?
SearchDay, May 13, 2002
A frustrated poet uses Google's AdWords program to not only lose money with his art, but as a clever way to test the effectiveness of keywords for search engine optimization efforts.

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BulkRegister Gets Injunction Against VeriSign,,8_1122101,00.html
A judge grants a preliminary injunction against the domain name giant, halting what many considered to be a domain-slamming, email-marketing campaign.

FBI Nabs DeceptiveDuo,,10_1123591,00.html
FBI confirms raids on the hacking team that gained notoriety breaking into federal databases and defacing government Web sites; equipment seized.

Search Toolkit For Developers Offers XML Support
Targeted specifically to ISVs and OEMs, the new Inktomi Search Toolkit allows developers to add both structured and unstructured search capabilities to their applications.

Judge Rejects Challenge To eBook Case,2198,3531_1107201,00.html
After two legal objections, Russian firm Elcomsoft will stand criminal charges for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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Domain name news
Landmark decision in .info dispute...
ZDNet May 17 2002 8:12AM GMT
Online portals news
AOL turns up the heat in browser wars...
ZDNet May 17 2002 7:43AM GMT
Yahoo to Pipe Premium
AtNewYork May 17 2002 6:07AM GMT
Online marketing news
Microsoft opts Passport holders into spam hell...
The Register May 17 2002 5:39AM GMT
Online search engines news
Inktomi and Stratify Forge Alliance...
EContent May 17 2002 2:54AM GMT
Internet: international news
Napster to file for bankruptcy...
ABC Online May 16 2002 9:12PM GMT
Online content news
Once Blocked Foreign News Web Sites Open in China...
digitalMASS May 16 2002 6:39AM GMT
XML and metadata news
What Is XML and Why Should I Care?...
TopXML May 16 2002 5:47AM GMT
Online portals news
Ode to the Yahoo of Yore...
Fortune May 16 2002 2:52AM GMT
Online search engines news
Who killed RealNames? Don't blame Microsoft...
ZDNet May 16 2002 2:18AM GMT
Inktomi boosts search with XML... May 15 2002 10:46AM GMT
Domain name news
Domain names on the Internet...
Scientific American May 15 2002 3:56AM GMT
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