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The World News Network aggregates news from hundreds of sites around the world, organized by region and industry.

Powered by a proprietary news search engine, the World News Network draws from several hundred online news sources in 20 languages. Stories are grouped into more than 500 subject and geographical categories.

Each story is presented with a headline and opening paragraph, often accompanied by a photograph. Links with each story offer related information based on the topic, region or industry that's central to the story.

The site's "Special Reports" are particularly interesting, focusing on global hot spots. For example, there are special reports on Argentina, Baghdad, Kashmir, and numerous other tumultuous regions around the world. In addition to local news from those areas, there are also links to other sources of online information on the region for more in-depth research.

World News Network is an interesting alternative to some of the other news aggregation services, such as Google News and Moreover. Definitely worth a look if you spend time following the news each day on the web.

The home page for the World News Network, featuring headlines and top stories from around the world.

The World News Network
This page features links to topic or region specific sites, including verticals focusing on business and industry, sports, entertainment, science, and other area of interest.

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Pay per search model - why wouldn't it work?
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"What would stop Google charging users on a pay per search basis? By this I mean Google charging users a couple of cents for every search they do. What is SO awful about this business model that people rarely give it serious consideration?"

Google vs design and speed
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Google penalties set to expire
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NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication's search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

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Ask Jeeves Dumps Traditional Banner Ad Unit...
dmnews.com Jan 6 2003 7:24AM GMT
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SiliconValley.com Jan 6 2003 5:30AM GMT
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MSNBC Jan 6 2003 1:42AM GMT
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'Why I turned Pepys' diary into a weblog'...
BBC Jan 2 2003 12:26PM GMT
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New Strategy in the War on Spammers...
New York Times Jan 2 2003 6:45AM GMT
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