News Sites Beat Search Engines in Customer Satisfaction

A respected customer satisfaction index reports that users are happier with news and information sites than search engines or portals -- and predicts the demise of several laggards.

The University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) measures user attitudes in 35 industries, including nearly 200 companies and government agencies, ranging from traditional retail to hotels to government agencies like the IRS.

With the release of its most recent report, the ACSI is now measuring customer satisfaction with three of the most heavily used web services -- news and information sites, portals and search engines.

The survey ranks satisfaction on a scale of 1-100. Search engines and portals both had an overall score of 68, while the industry score for news and information sites was 73. The composite numbers mask a wide range of scores among individual companies, however.

In search engines, the differences between what ACSI calls "the largest competitors" are vast. Google registers a score of 80 -- more than 30% better than Alta Vista (61) and Ask Jeeves (62). Satisfaction with portal sites show a similar divergence, with Yahoo scoring 76 and Microsoft's MSN at 72, while AOL remains a laggard at 59.

The report says that such a difference among competitors is extremely rare and is usually limited to evolving industries. And based on historical evidence, the future looks bleak for the services with low scores.

According to University of Michigan Business School Professor Claes Fornell, who wrote the analysis of the findings, companies with scores as low as AltaVista, Ask Jeeves and AOL are rarely sustainable in competitive markets: either there is improvement or the company is forced to leave the market, unless, of course, it has significant monopoly power.

In contrast to the wide divergence between search engine and portal competitors, there is not much difference among the news and information Web sites covered in the survey. The industry score is 73, with in a slight lead at 74 and and lagging slightly at 71.

How do these scores compare with other, more traditional businesses? Unfortunately, not too well. While Google's score of 80 sounds impressive, 80 is also the composite score for the entire automotive industry, and falls short of the composite score for household appliances (82). Both Buick and Maytag outperforming the web search leader suggests there is still significant room for improvement in what the ACSI calls the "e-business" sector.

Going forward, the ACSI will issue e-business reports twice each year. The current report focuses on information-oriented e-business websites; in six months, a report will be released on the performance of transaction-oriented e-commerce sites.

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