Teoma Releases Version 2.0

In some ways still the new kid on the search engine block, Teoma hits
puberty today as "version 2" of the search engine is formally rolled out
to the public.

Teoma's not being reborn or relaunched but rather growing up, gaining
some features you'd expect from a maturing search player, such as an
advanced search page, greater coverage of the web, the ability to set
search preferences and other options.

"This is an evolutionary change, not a revolutionary change," said Paul
Gardi, vice president of search at Ask Jeeves, which owns Teoma.

Indeed, some of the changes announced today for "Teoma 2.0" have been
beta tested by Teoma over the past few months. Now the beta moniker is
being removed from these features, and the company is also promising
improved relevance and a larger database.

Teoma was first opened to the public in June 2001 as a beta service,
then got a significant makeover for its official debut in April 2002. So
what does this latest version of Teoma offer the searcher?

First, the release makes advanced search options available via a new
advanced search page. Options include the ability to limit to words in
the title of the page or terms in the URL. Searches can also be
restricted to a specific site, domain or region of the world.

Incidentally, most of these limiting options are also available directly
from any search box by using the proper syntax.

Limiting by language is also possible. Teoma currently recognizes 10
languages including Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian,
Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Second, a spell check program is now part of every search. If a
potential spelling error is detected the program, Teoma's proprietary
spell check program reports the error at the top of the results page
with a link allowing you to rerun the search with a corrected spelling.

Third, the company reports that its index now contains 500 million web
pages, double the reported size just months ago. While the index remains
smaller than found at other engines, Teoma stresses that its purpose in
growing the index slowly is to help minimize spam and duplicates.

"We're a little bit behind the curve, but hopefully we'll catch up soon
to what we think is proper size," Gardi said.

Fourth, result pages now include dynamic descriptions. In other words,
your search terms are highlighted in the result snippet. More advanced
searchers might know this as keywords-in-context.

Finally, Teoma 2.0 says it has improved on what makes this search
product unique, its ability to find and organize "communities" of
content on whatever you're searching for. These communities are labeled
on Teoma results page under the "refine" heading.

Understanding how Teoma works will help you get the most from it, and
Chris Sherman's April 2002 article below takes a closer look at Teoma's
underlying technology. It's also interesting reading for those of you
who want more knowledge of information retrieval and how the web is
organized on a meta scale.

Personally, I've noticed significant improvement in Teoma as they've
been building to reach today's launch of version 2.0. If you haven't
searched with Teoma in a while, it might be time to reintroduce yourself
to this useful and unique search tool.

Teoma now offers advanced search options, a larger database, a spell check tool, and other features.

Teoma Advanced Search Tips
Learn more about using the advanced functionality. This page also contains the syntax that allows use this functionality from any Teoma search box.

Teoma vs. Google, Round Two
This April, 2002 article provides details about how Teoma works and what makes it different from other web search engines.

Make Room For Teoma
Additional background can be found in this article.

DiscoWeb: Applying Link Analysis to Web Search
An extended abstract from a paper presented at the Eighth International World Wide Web Conference in 1999. DiscoWeb is the research project that became Teoma.

Hypersearching the Web
A 1999 article that highlights many of the concepts used in IBM's Clever project and now used by Teoma

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