The Week in Review

Special Search Tools Issue, Part 2
SearchDay, August 1, 2002
Search tools maven Avi Rappoport covers new and updated web site search tools and search engines.

Special Search Tools Issue, Part 1
SearchDay, July 31, 2002
Search tools maven Avi Rappoport covers new articles, announcements and reports from the world of web site search software.

When Smaller is Better
SearchDay, July 30, 2002
When you're searching for help with everyday tasks, smaller, more focused directories are often more useful than search engines.

New Research at DARPA
SearchDay, July 29, 2002
The primary instigator of the Internet, DARPA, is funding research into future technologies -- including many that have potential to dramatically improve search systems.

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Google Inks Ad Deal With U.K. Insurance Co.
One million pounds gives Lloyds TSB Insurance the rights to more than 1,000 insurance-related keywords for one year.

When Search Engines Play 'Axis and Allies'
LookSmart and are just the latest rivals to join forces in a tactic some call 'coopertition.'

Did You Ask Your Honda for Directions?
Some 2003 Accords will be ready and waiting for their drivers to ask them for directions, or even to warm the place up a bit. Honda and IBM have made telematics simple.

Internet License Plate Gallery
Submitted for your approval: more Internet-related license plates from users all around the Web. Among your latest entries: when a DOT COM is no longer a DOT COM, and good news for Virginians.

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