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Yahoo Renews With Google, Changes Results
SearchDay, October 10, 2002
After months of speculation, Yahoo announced today that it has renewed its relationship to use Google's results as part of its search listings. In addition, Yahoo made a substantial change to end its historic barrier between human-powered and crawler-based search results.

Big Sites + Big Brands = Big SEO Challenges
SearchDay, October 9, 2002
Big Web Sites and brands come with bigger challenges -- that was the main theme at the Big Sites and Big Brands Forum held at the recent Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, CA.

Search Engine Standards, Please!
SearchDay, October 8, 2002
Search engines should set standards and adhere to them, say webmasters, advertisers and a senior attorney for the Federal Trade Commission. Uniform standards would serve both web site owners and searchers.

NetCaptor: A Browser on Steroids
SearchDay, October 7, 2002
NetCaptor is a browser on steroids, powered with features that Microsoft should have, but didn't, put in Internet Explorer.

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FAST Searches for an Edge Over Google With Upgrades
Taking aim at its primary rival, Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) adds advanced features, including embedded content search for images, audio, video, or flash animation, to its search engine and plans more for mid-November.

Could Pay-for-Play Replace Peer-to-Peer?,,6061_1476001,00.html
A small percentage of music downloaders would be willing to pay for files, but the figure jumps significantly when free options are eliminated.

Spyware Grows Up
Those so-called spyware and thiefware apps graduate from ripping off affiliate links.

Essential Blogging
Tired of preaching your message on the local steet corner? Try blogging instead. O'Reilly's new title "Essential Blogging" covers the ins and outs of blog software and setup.

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