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AltaVista Gets a Facelift, Again
SearchDay, Feb. 21, 2002
AltaVista has a new streamlined look, with a slimmed-down search box and a tabbed interface providing direct access to the major portions of the search engine.

Google Launches AdWords Select
SearchDay, Feb. 20, 2002
Google's new premium advertising program is poised to dramatically influence the paid placement game for all search engines, with positive implications for advertisers and searchers alike.

iLOR Dumps Google for Ask/Teoma
SearchDay, Feb. 19, 2002
Just as the "I love Google" movement has seemingly reached its zenith, search engine iLOR has made a contrarian move away from being powered by Google to using the Ask Jeeves/Teoma web index.

Feb. 18, 2002 - Presidents' Day Holiday

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What Web Services Are NOT
Having trouble nailing down a concrete definition for the elusive buzz-word, "Web Services?" You're not alone.

All For Dot-U.S.
Though some country codes have taken off, like .uk, the country code allocated to the United States,.us has not. However, that may change as the new TLD gains patriotic popularity.

A Novel Idea,3371,10380976011,00.html
Fancy yourself an author? Publishing an e-book can help you make a name for yourself while garnering some extra attention for your Web site.

Eye on Spam, Part One: Unbeatable Scum?
Powerful weapons have emerged in the war against spam -- including comprehensive filters and vast communities of network admins. So why isn't the problem going away?

Grid Computing Will Drive Future Internet Growth, Economist Says,,3281_977081,00.html
Internet traffic could grow eight times more than forecast over the next decade because of commercial adoption of Grid computing and related P2P applications, according to economist Robert Cohen.

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