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Want to share and publish your own web search knowledge? Sign up to help with the Searchers' Swiki, a collaborative web site that hopes to become an extensive knowledge base for searchers.

I hear many of you asking, "What the heck is a swiki?" It's simply a set of tools that makes it easy for anyone to set up and maintain a collaborative web site. Swikis are like group weblogs, since they make it easy for anyone without technical knowledge to publish to the web.

They're also somewhat like newsgroups, in that anyone can participate. Perhaps the most notable feature of swiki's is that pages are automatically created and linked to each other.

Author David Mattison has set up the Searchers' Swiki as a knowledge base intended for experimental and demonstration purposes for an article he's writing for Searcher Magazine.

"I set up a swiki called Searchers Swiki where I hope folks will drop by and help make a Web site about the Internet searching experience," he writes.

"Based on what I've been reading and hearing from some of the IP (information professional) community, collaboration-enabled Web-based content management system (WCMS) development and use is accelerating (likely a fallout of 9/11) within the open source and commercial sectors, and that wiki technology has some role in this area.

"There are already some terrific open source collaborative WCMS products available -- I've listed many in the Searchers' Swiki -- and some open source Web application server prouducts of the horizon, binarycloud being the one to watch," says Mattison.

Since it's a relatively new site, there's not a lot of content yet, but that will change with your help. It remains to be seen whether the Searchers' Swiki turns into a valuable resource for searchers. In the mean time, however, it's a good way to showcase and share some of your own searching knowledge -- and see for yourself what swikis are all about.

The Searchers' Swiki
The Searchers' Swiki allows information professionals to collaborate on the searching experience. Unlike newsgroups, this information can be indexed and linked for quick access.

About the Searchers' Swiki
More information about the Searchers' Swiki, and swikis in general.

The Searchers' Swiki - Alternate Site
Use this site if the above link is busy or temporarily unavailable.

Public Swiki List
A global registry of public Swikis.

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