What Would Google Vote For?

A new site puts a spin on the "am I hot or not" craze, by using Google to assess the relative popularity of opposite or 'competing' search terms.

Who on the web is more popular -- George W. Bush or Saddam Hussein? Does God rank higher than Satan? And perhaps most importantly, is broccoli sweeter than chocolate to the world's web users?

Googlefight offers the answers. Simply type in two "competing" search terms, and you'll see the number of results found in Google for each word.

Googlefight isn't a serious research tool by any means -- but it does offer a fun perspective on who and what the web is "voting" for, based on the number of times words are found in Google results.


More on Singingfish Paid Inclusion

Singingfish has officially launched its paid inclusion program that was featured in last Thursday's SearchDay. The company has added two new pages concerning the program. About Singingfish Paid Inclusion provides full details of the program.

Singingfish also clarified that in addition to XML format, it can also accept Excel spreadsheets that are bulk data delimited in almost any fashion, in content providers' own XML format.

To sign up for the program, use Marketleap's Guaranteed Paid Inclusion form. For now, Marketleap is the exclusive partner for Singingfish's paid inclusion program, but Singingfish is interested in funneling sales opportunities through Marketleap by way of affiliates or lead-sharing prospects.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Success in optimizing your site
Cre8asite Forums
"People have to learn to trust their SEO abilities and not constantly tweak stuff. You'll never quite know what's working and not working if you do that."

Google content-targeted advertising
Webmaster World Forums
"Google rolls out Content-Targeted Advertising on blogs and other content sites."

PR on the fly - new Google patent
Cre8asite Forums
"Here's how the new technology works (as best as I can understand the mumbo jumbo doublespeak in legal documents like this)/."

How much privacy is being forfeited by using the Google Toolbar
Webmaster World Forums
"A few people have been trying to lob stones at Google for privacy issues, and I'm surprised at how many people are falling for it. I'm proud of our respect for user privacy, and I think we have the best privacy policy in the industry."

Overture to acquire Web search unit of FAST
ihelpyou Forums
"This is a major boost to paid inclusion. Overture have recognised that PPC will eventually peak and fall - just like banner ads. While they have the cash they can promote crawler engines and compete with Google."

Overture just bought Fast!
Cre8asite Forums
"This is a simply brilliant strategy from Overture and would have been worth the purchase even if just to stop Espotting from having done this same deal. However, it goes a lot further."

SEO campaign effectiveness quotient
ihelpyou Forums
"To measure the success of a SEO campaign, we use a combination of the following/."

Hardcore SEO
ihelpyou Forums
"How do the SEO gurus around here propose to get good rankings using their ethical brand of SEO, because in my experience the only way to be successful is by using dubious techniques?"

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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