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Alert readers have noticed that our "regular" new Monday feature has been anything but. Chalk that up to a couple of lengthy Monday issues over the past couple of weeks. But there were also many interesting discussions last week that today's issue focuses exclusively on search engine forums -- look for this feature to resume its place on Mondays going forward.

Searching in Asian languages
Webmaster World Search Engine Forums
"The problem I'm finding is search engines match search terms based on spaces between words. Fine for most languages, but a bit of a problem in a language like Thai where spaces are used mainly only at the end of a sentence and there are no spaces between individual words in a sentence."

Deep linking forbidden in Europe
Webmaster World Search Engine Forums
"The bottom line is that every organization engaging in deep linking and active within the European Union, should be made aware of this legislation and the possible consequences."

The I-Search Discussion List
"Engaging in a metaphysical chase for the ultimate truth about how a search engine measures relevance is a lot less productive than pursuing the real-life activities which actually make a site and its owners relevant to others who may be considered relevant and reputable judges."

mod_rewrite and SEO
Cre8asite Search Engine Forums
"Search engines are getting better at indexing and following dynamic URLs, but my experience still says that using mod_rewrite to create static-seeming URLs is the most effective method for getting dynamic pages properly indexed and ranked."

JoeAnt referral link explanation
ihelpyou Search Engine Forums
"It has the potential to expand our search function into a very useful tool for our end users and serve them more relative returns on their searches."

How will search engines rate sites in 5 years
Webmaster World Search Engine Forums
"I'd like to see better translations because as more and more people go online internationally, I'd like access to knowledge that's currently buried (for me) in other languages."

What is up with Google's SERPS?
Webmaster World Search Engine Forums
"Take those combinations of not knowing which box you are going to connect to and which index it may have, and the possibility of daily updating going on at the same time, and results may be unpredictable. There could be dozens of different indexes floating around various data centers - we have no clue."

Google's fresh crawl
Cre8asite Search Engine Forums
"I think that "fresh crawl" is brilliant. It's Google's way of giving the serps up-to-the-minute relevance, which knocks me out. I'm wondering if there's any way that an advantage can be gained from it..."

An invitation to Gimpsy
ihelpyou Search Engine Forums
"Gimpsy is a new Internet directory with a unique Natural Language query capability. In essence, you are asked to complete the phrase 'I want to...' and Gimpsy finds the sites that provide the required service."

Google listing disappeared after 2 weeks
Webmaster World Search Engine Forums
" promises about where your site may or may not be listing, but your question is the perfect one to answer about everflux."

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