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Portals to the World
SearchDay, June 27, 2002
Looking for authoritative, in-depth information about the nations of the world? Check out Portals to the World, a robust online baedeker from the U.S. Library of Congress.

SEC Upgrades EDGAR Search Engine
SearchDay, June 26, 2002
The SEC's EDGAR database is an absolutely essential resource for business researchers, and recent upgrades have vastly improved its search interface.

Teoma Offers Free Search Toolbar
SearchDay, June 25, 2002
Teoma has introduced the Teoma Search Bar, a free online navigational tool that lets you search while viewing any web page with Internet Explorer.

The Languages of the Semantic Web
SearchDay, June 24, 2002
Today's simplistic web languages are giving way to richer, more robust symbolic systems that transcend information storage and retrieval and allow web pages to express meaning.

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AlltheWeb versus Google
Does size really matter? And what exactly is a "document?" Guest columnist Rich Wiggins investigates AlltheWeb's claim to have indexed more documents than Google.

Filter The Web With squidGuard,,12083_1371241,00.html
If you're facing the daunting task of filtering web content, squidGuard presents a cost-free solution with an open database of blocked sites.

European Union Says Cookies Are Here to Stay,2350,10571_1377111,00.html
The European Parliament recently voted to allow businesses to continue to use cookies in their e-business practices. The vote, which struck down an opt-in campaign in favor of an opt-out policy, is particularly significant for the Web analytics ASP market.

Calif. Lawmaker Calls For P2P Vigilantism
A bill in the drafting stage would grant copyright owners 'technological self-help measures' including redirection, spoofing and file-blocking.

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