Twelve Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers

I'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who's sent in reader tips, comments and suggestions for SearchDay. I'd like to touch briefly on the editorial policy for the newsletter.

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12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers

Allyo Guide
The Allyo Guide is an Alexa-like browser companion that determines the context of the web page you're currently looking at and suggests related sites drawn from the Open Directory Project.

View and manage all your bids on GoTo, FindWhat, Sprinks, Ah-ha, and Kanoodle through a single interface.

Comet Search
Comet Search is a unique meta search engine that includes both general-purpose and specialized search sites, and offers the capability to crawl and retrieve relevant documents in real time related to your results list.

Diatra is a natural language navigation service to help people "do" things online, rather than find content. It helps people find and use Web-based applications, services and interactive transaction tools.

Girafa is an Internet Explorer add-on that works alongside your browser, showing thumbnail images of textual search results.

MessageKing allows you to search messages from hundreds of message boards covering a wide array of topics across the internet.

myLITsearch is a search engine for those who are looking for information from or about the world's academic community, covering more than 3,000,000 full-text publications, 300,000 identities and 6,000 institutions.

This meta-engine searches all major engines/directories and over 120+ invisible web resources, and offers some useful utilities including the ability to keep bookmarks synched across browsers.

Picsearch is a search engine for pictures on the web.

Proz Free Translation
Use this form to translate terms from one language to another -- dozens of languages are supported. If you don't get satisfactory results, post your request to the free "Ask a Pro" form at

SearchToFeed is a metasearch engine that donates a cup of food to hunger relief groups for every search performed.

One of the original desktop metasearch utilities has been reincarnated. Worth a look if you like to save searches, do customized post-processing on results, or other advanced activities.

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