Twelve Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers

Offers seven free webmasters SEO tools in Spanish: engine specific research, research summary, search engine ranking monitor, link analysis tool, keyword popularity, meta tags generator and a SEO tutorial in Spanish.

Bloomberg TV Video Player´s new video player offers a search feature that lets investors instantly find Bloomberg Television US content they need, and replay all related video and transcripts.

DolphinSearch´s patented search engine technology enables computers to analyze and process unstructured information with what the company claims to be human-like understanding.

Europe for Visitors
An outstanding resource for researching travel in Europe, with both original content and an extensive directory of hand-selected links, created and maintained by Durant Imboden, former Europe for Visitors Guide.
Gripe has aggregated thousands of Usenet newsgroups into a handful of simple, categories. Search results are quality-sorted, and articles below a certain quality threshold disappear from view.

Image Co-Tracker
Image Co-Tracker is a tool for creating the database of images from the Internet. It automatically captures the image itself, its Internet address, the Internet address where it refers to, its name and date of adding to the database.

An interesting metasearch engine that offers some powerful advanced searching functions usually found only on desktop applications like BullsEye and Copernic. Requires download and installation of several controls which takes time on a dialup connection.

iTools - Language Tools
Look up words with general and specialized dictionary and thesaurus tools or translate words, text or web pages into another language with this useful collection of reference tools.

P2P Networking Overview
A new research report from O'Reilly and Associates that includes links to several interesting freebies: Ten Key Conclusions, the Executive Summary and the full-text of the first chapter .

Singingfish is a multimedia search engine enables access to a wide range of streaming Internet content, including music, news, movies, sports, TV, radio, finance and live events.

Real time technology news headlines from around the world, updated every three minutes.

WebSpector automatically tracks web pages for content changes, highlighting the exact areas of the pages that have changed, and optionally sending you an alert email when changes have been found.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication's search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

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