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The Search Engine Spam Police, Part 2
SearchDay, May 30, 2002
Representatives from major search engines reveal the details of their spam detection and management policies, including email addresses for reporting suspected abuse.

The Search Engine Spam Police, Part 1
SearchDay, May 29, 2002
"We hate spam!" Representatives of LookSmart and the Open Directory Project offer guidelines and advice for webmasters to avoid the wrath of editors and get successfully listed in these crucial web directories.

An Egyptian Stumper for Google
SearchDay, May 28, 2002
A "simple" query that seems like a no-brainer for Google turns out to be an excellent illustration of why you can't find "everyting" on the Internet.

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A Guide to the New Pay-Per-Search Scene
Changing rules in the pay-for-placement search engine world are causing a lot of confusion. Here are some tips for making sense of it all. A New Kind of Search Engine is a new visual meta-search engine. Type in a query and up pops an interactive map with sized nodes and semantic links. Refining your query is easy.

Meta Group: The Emergence Of 'Portlets',3555,10493_1145561,00.html
Current Web services standards have focused on system-to-system integration. Yet there is also a need for standards that bring Web services all the way to the user. Portal vendors are currently proposing numerous standards for portlets.

Is Your Site Getting The 'Internet Death Penalty'?,,11952_1145241,00.html
People's online expectations have skyrocketed over the last few years and many will instantly reject any Web site that doesn't meet their standards, never to return. Here are ways to tell if your Web site is helping or driving away your business.

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Online portals news
Yahoo hopes to score with World Cup site...
CNET May 31 2002 11:15AM GMT
AOL Test May Renew Browser War...
Wired News May 31 2002 10:32AM GMT
Online marketing news
Europe bans spam...
The Register May 31 2002 7:27AM GMT
Internet: international news
Hungary: Model of dot-com success...
Budapest Sun May 31 2002 2:08AM GMT
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Gagged by Google...
Working for Change May 31 2002 0:29AM GMT
Overture Nabs AltaVista Contract...
Internet News May 31 2002 0:19AM GMT
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EU set to weaken Net privacy regime...
International Herald Tribune May 30 2002 8:34PM GMT
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Yahoo and Fifa panned for web streaming 'own goal'... May 30 2002 3:13PM GMT
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Can Doorway Pages Bring Search Engine Success?...
High Rankings May 30 2002 7:46AM GMT
Internet: international news
EU Internet bill a threat to privacy?...
MSNBC May 30 2002 6:21AM GMT
Online content news
Real-Time Information Retrieval Solution Designed For High Performance...
Content-Wire May 30 2002 5:41AM GMT
Top internet stories
European MPs vote on cookies... May 29 2002 11:08PM GMT
Online portals news
Yahoo unveils net kiosks for World Cup visitors...
Ananova May 29 2002 8:02PM GMT
Online access news
ExciteAtHome to auction off assets...
Nando Times May 29 2002 11:39AM GMT
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