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As of Tuesday (Sept 4) we are changing to a subscription model. Quickbrowse will cost $12.95 for a three-month period. There's a free, fully functional 7 day trial for which no credit card information needs to be provided. We're also switching to an upgrade ("Quickbrowse Plus") with many new features.

We have developed a new feature that builds quickbrowsing right into Internet Explorer (where Microsoft should have put in anyway). It's called Quickbrowse This. It's a great tool for people that often have to follow many different links on pages. Quickbrowse This allows users to temporarily switch into "Quickbrowse Mode". In this mode, they can collect links for future Quickbrowsing.

For instance, picture going to a site with many thumbnails. Simply switch to Quickbrowse mode, and "collect" all the thumbnails you want for later viewing. When you're done, or at any later point, you simply Quickbrowse all the thumbnails (or any other type of links) you've collected.

Use to combine your favorite sites for faster viewing. Get your custom pages by email every morning. Build your own newspaper in seconds.

Quickbrowse Upgrade FAQ
Questions about changes and other goings-on at Quickbrowse.

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