New Search Engine Showdown Weblog

Super searcher Greg Notess has redesigned his essential Search Engine Showdown web site, and is now updating it frequently via a newly launched weblog.

Greg has long written a monthly update on the world of search engines for Online magazine. With his new weblog, we'll now be getting Greg's insights, reviews and analysis on a much more immediate basis.

In addition to the redesign, Greg is posting news and updates from the past few months. See in particular the new reviews for GigaBlast and Openfind, an updated search engine features chart, and his terrifically useful "search engines by features" page, a cheat sheet showing all of the basic and advanced features offered by each of the major search engines.

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Online marketing news
Microsoft moves to scythe Hotmail spam...
Ananova Sep 23 2002 8:01PM GMT
Online portals news
Yahoo launches video game service...
CNN Sep 23 2002 6:08PM GMT
Online marketing news
Anti-spammer in court over bulk email...
ABC Online Sep 23 2002 2:02PM GMT
Online search engines news
Google launching search site for news... Sep 23 2002 12:33PM GMT
Online portals news looks to woo large portals...
ZDNet Sep 23 2002 11:26AM GMT
Domain name news
ICANN still rules the Net...
ZDNet Sep 23 2002 11:25AM GMT
VeriSign tidies records after ICANN rebuke... Sep 23 2002 11:14AM GMT
Online search engines news
FAST wants more pirate-busting power... Sep 23 2002 9:06AM GMT
Domain name news
Domain fraudsters in .eu con... Sep 22 2002 1:16PM GMT
Online content news
Active Internet Content Dangerous... Sep 20 2002 1:49PM GMT
Online portals news
Case remains as AOL's chairman...
MSNBC Sep 19 2002 10:50PM GMT
Tech latest
Microsoft Critics Lambaste XP-SP1... Sep 19 2002 10:45PM GMT
Piracy commonplace - and hard to fight - on the Web, experts say...
Nando Times Sep 19 2002 10:18PM GMT
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