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SEW Expert - Gregg Stewart Gregg

Integration in a Decentralized World
As a VP of advertising or CMO, where do you start and end your exploration for communication integration and efficiency? Let's start with the basics and move toward the complex to address the questions.
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris

Combating SEO Implementation Paralysis
For many years, SEO consultants and agencies have faced one major challenge, beyond keeping up with ever-changing organic ranking algorithms: lack of implemented recommendations. Let's look at some causes of this implementation paralysis, and ways to avoid or mitigate its impact.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Buzz Monitoring = Brand Development
Every day, people are talking online about your company and products. Some discussions are positive; some are negative. The trick is to capitalize on these discussions to build a better brand and link popularity.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

The End of the Beginning
The first generation of the search-advertising model has passed. The next generation of search advertising and natural search will take some of the power away from the elite few in favor of placing the tools in the hands of the people. Before we see the next generation rise, we'll have to pay some dues.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Matt Cutts Clarifies Google's New Preference of Brands
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Mar 9, 2009

The search world has been abuzz for the past week or two with the news that Google now prefers brands in its search results, giving sites owned by big brands a sudden boost in rankings in the latest algorithm update. This week, Matt Cutts, head of Google's Webspam team, recorded a ...
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AdSense Publisher Sues Google - And Wins
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 9, 2009

"What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?" That's what a Google litigation paralegal asked the judge in a Palo Alto small claims court judge this week. The judge ruled in favor of an AdSense publisher who brought a suit against Google for canceling his account without giving reason - ...
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Yahoo! Releases Inquisitor for the iPhone
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 9, 2009

Last year, Yahoo! acquired the assets for search suggestion plugin Inquisitor. At the time, Inquisitor was a plug-in for Apple's Safari web browser. Since the acquisition, Yahoo! has made the plugin available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Now, Yahoo! is launching an Inquisitor application for the iPhone. The app is available ...
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Google Adds Recent Earthquake Info to Search Results
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 9, 2009

If you do a search for "earthquakes" on Google, now you'll get info on the most recent earthquake activity. This information is listed at the top of the results. Here's an example of a search for just "earthquakes" - You can also narrow the search to a specific region. Here's a ...
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AOL Turns on One Clicks for Pro Athletes
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 9, 2009

If you've ever wanted to look up a pro athlete's stats, you know it can take several clicks to find the information you're looking for. Now, AOL is making stat-finding easier by turning on One Clicks for pro athletes. One Clicks puts answers directly in the search results. Say, for example, ...
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Search Engine Industry has its own Version of March Madness
Posted by Greg Jarboe Mar 9, 2009

It's that time of year again. The search engine industry has its own version of March Madness, squeezing multiple events into the same month. If I were to create brackets, then Search Engine Strategies New York would rank as my #1 favorite. (Hey, I've been attending this conference ...
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Is Twitter a new search engine? Mar 6, 2009
Until about a week or two ago, I had heard the term twitter, but didnt exactly know what it was (keep in mind im in Germany, were a secondary market for that kind of stuff so I get exposed to it later in everyday life). Then I read about using twitter ...
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How to Keep Pay-Per-Click Costs Low by Bidding Smart: Mar 6, 2009
* Know how much a single visitor is worth to you and keep that in mind when you're setting your bid * Bid on lots of cheaper, highly targeted keywords and phrases, and don't forget misspellings! * Go for second or third place instead of first. First place is often much more ...
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Open Question: Currency & Adwords International Traffic. Mar 4, 2009
Has anyone experienced this, or knows of any cases: * Discrepancy $US vr other currencies in ADWORDS.* I've been told by a client that he ran all his international campaigns in a $US account. (He's in Canada) He claims for the exact same budget and GEO-TARGETS in $CDN, that he experienced as much ...
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