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SearchDay #24, June 7 - Worth a Look
A roundup of interesting sites and tools offering something useful or fun for searchers.

SearchDay #23, June 6 - In Praise of Fuzzy Searching
"Fuzzy" means blurred or indistinct, and the last thing we searchers want are blurred or indistinct results. Paradoxically, a liberal dose of "fuzzy logic" can actually improve the precision of search engine results.

SearchDay #22, June 5 - Super Searchers on Wall Street
Super Searchers on Wall Street reveals the techniques and tricks used by professional investment researchers to score winning returns and avoid financial disasters.

SearchDay #21, June 4 - Orbitz Takes Flight
Orbitz is a new travel site that uses some seriously powerful search technology, capable of instantly analyzing more than two billion options to help you find the best possible flights for a trip.

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Registrar Directory: Network Solutions Profile
Despite growing competition from a crop of newly accredited ICANN registrars, Network Solutions remains by far the master of .com, .net and .org domains with more than 6.5 million names registered worldwide.

Ask Jeeves Enterprising In Japan,2198,3531_778861,00.html
Ask Jeeves Japan names new CEO, launches Natural Language Navigation Services for Japanese B2Bs and signs deal with Compaq Japan all in one day.

How Bits are Built
Bits are fictitious, At best they are "based on a true story." When sent over the Net, a bit may become a pulse of energy on a wire — or the lack of a pulse. It's the duality of bits that make them useful. On the one hand, they are instantiated in physical, measurable ways so they can be manipulated by machines. On the other, they carry meanings we impose upon them, as when we determine that this bit will be part of the description of the color of a pixel in Aunt Agnes' lovely smile.

Napster Joins MusicNet Service,2198,3531_779681,00.html
Three's company as Napster makes it official, joining AOL and RealNetworks as an affiliate for the recording industry's new music download platform.

Bell Labs' Discovery May Lead to Efficient Networks,,10515_780021,00.html
Researchers find that the "burstiness" in traffic seen at the Internet's edges disappears at the core.

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