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SearchDay's series of special reports from the Search Engine Strategies conference is complete, but here is more conference coverage if you haven't yet had your fill of tips, techniques and tactics from the pros.

Search Engine Strategies regular Jill Whalen is the publisher of High Rankings Advisor, a folksy weekly look at the wild and wooly world of search engine marketing. Jill ran a series of conference reports in High Rankings that are well worth reading, including coverage of several sessions that weren't included in SearchDay.

Measuring Success: Rankings and Traffic
The sessions on "Measuring Success" at Search Engine Strategies alone were worth the price of admission. Seven different speakers presented a wide array of information on the topic of measuring search engine marketing success.

Converting Visitors Into Buyers
Achieving search engine visibility is only the beginning of the marketing and sales process. To fully realize your goals, you need to understand how to organize your search listings to bring in the right type of visitors, and then construct your Web site to best meet their needs and turn them from passive visitors into active customers.

The Spam Police
Spamdexing, commonly referred to as spam, is taking extreme or excessive measures to achieve top search engine positions. In a session entitled "The Spam Police," representatives from FAST Search, Google, and the Open Directory explored the issue of spam.

Designing Search Engine Friendly Sites
At the Search Engine Strategies Conference held in San Jose, California, the session entitled "Designing Search Engine Friendly Sites" provided valuable tips for designing web sites that: (1) rank well in the search engines and (2) satisfy your target audience.

I'm So Confused
For many marketers and companies new to the world of search engine optimization (SEO), the learning curve can be steep, and there are often many points of confusion about search engine algorithms, pay-for-inclusion services and SEO tactics in general. At times, even those people who have experience with search engine marketing can be perplexed at the moves made by search engines and sudden changes within the industry.

Successful Site Architecture
At the Search Engine Strategies Conference held in San Jose, speakers for the session entitled "Successful Site Architecture" and the corresponding "Site Clinic" discussed strategies and techniques for creating search engine friendly Web sites.

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