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Keeping Current with Search Engines, concluded
SearchDay, May 9, 2002
Part two of SearchDay's list of essential reading to keep up with the world of search engines and the information industry.

You Can Observe a Lot by Watching the Lycos 50
SearchDay, May 8, 2002
"Sultan of Search" Aaron Schatz says you can virtually predict future trends and fads months in advance by watching what people search for on Lycos.

Search Engine Intelligence from the Lycos 50
SearchDay, May 7, 2002
Search Engine Strategies keynote speaker Aaron Schatz entertained and enlightened attendees with the "trends of American culture" he observes as keeper of the Lycos 50 most popular search terms.

BBC Launches Google Powered Search Engine
SearchDay, May 6, 2002
Responding to UK searchers' frustration over search results geared toward American websites and advertisers, the BBC has launched a "family friendly" search engine powered by Google.

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What's All the Talk About Blogging?
...and what's so sacrilegious about advertising on blogs, anyway?

The Fed's Top Hacker Speaks,,11953_1040041,00.html
Keith Rhodes, chief technologist with the U.S. General Accounting Office, makes his living breaking into government networks to find and eliminate security flaws.

SONICblue Forced to Spy on ReplayTV Users,2198,3531_1037631,00.html
As part of an ongoing lawsuit against the maker of digital video recorders, SONICblue is ordered by the courts to reveal customer viewing habits.

Spam Solution: Charge for Commercial Email
Marketers will soon pay for guaranteed delivery of spam-free commercial email. Until then, a carelessly worded message could land your company on blacklists.

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Terra Lycos cuts losses despite lower sales... May 9 2002 3:49AM GMT
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Gorilla lovers beat chests in domain clash...
CNET May 8 2002 9:04PM GMT
Domain names to be auctioned...
USA Today May 8 2002 7:50PM GMT
Do you have the cash for a .pro domain?...
Interactive Week May 8 2002 7:20PM GMT
Online portals news
Terra Lycos reports 46 percent loss amid slump in online advertising...
AP via New Jersey Online May 8 2002 10:24AM GMT
Online marketing news targets spam with new software... May 8 2002 8:44AM GMT
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