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Perfecting Paid Search Engine Listings
SearchDay, October 17, 2002
Many companies are already "buying their way to the top" of search engines. Most of these advertisers are now focused on optimizing their campaigns to improve traffic and conversion rates.

Web of Deception: Misinformation on the Internet
SearchDay, October 16, 2002
A new book offers an eye-opening exposé of the varied types of chicanery, fraud and misinformation that's rife on the Internet -- and what to do if you get stung by it.

Search Engine Strategies: Looking at Links
SearchDay, October 15, 2002
Link analysis is one of the most important techniques search engines use to determine relevance and rank documents. Representatives from Google and Teoma explain how it's done.

Search Industry Pundit Launches Newsletter
SearchDay, October 14, 2002
Longtime information industry veteran and technology pundit Stephen Arnold has launched a new bulletin that's well on its way to becoming a must-read newsletter.

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Web Analytics Redux
How's a marketer to understand the complex Web analytics market? ChannelSeven has put together a cheat sheet to help you figure out which of the many players in the space will do the best job of tracking your campaign's return on investment.

Broader Is Better in Google and Overture
Can you pay dramatically less for more effective campaigns? If you know how to go broad, the answer's often yes.

Online Challenges to Copyright Extension Law
The U.S. Supreme Court is slated to review the 1998 law that extends intellectual property rights by another 20 years, preventing their use in the public's digital domain.

Hijacking & Fraud Plague eBay Users
Imagine that you're a seller on eBay. Your business is going along just fine, and one morning you turn on your computer and you can no longer access your auction management account. You look on, dumbstruck, at listings that you didn't put up. People are bidding on them. Yes, your auction account has been taken over. It's called account hijacking, and it's eBay's dirty little secret.

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Ask Jeeves a quarter away from profits...
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Bogus Yahoo email picks up credit card numbers...
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XML spec moves ahead despite furor...
ZDNet Oct 17 2002 3:14PM GMT
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Ask Jeeves trims loss; revenue rises...
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Online industry ignorant of new laws...
Sunday Times South Africa Oct 16 2002 10:47PM GMT
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Yahoo's Overture economy...
CNET Oct 16 2002 11:13AM GMT
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Industrial Manufacturer Expands Nationally by Switching from Print Ads to Search Engine Marketing... Oct 16 2002 8:03AM GMT
For Google, innovations withstand downturn... Oct 16 2002 5:41AM GMT
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Yahoo seeks to convert dial-up to DSL...
CNET Oct 15 2002 1:15PM GMT
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