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Searching for Olympic Gold
SearchDay #199, Feb. 7, 2002
World-class online information resources offer everything from up to the minute news and stats on the 2002 Winter Olympics to extensive histories of the games.

A Pre-Web Search Engine, Gopher Turns Ten
SearchDay #198, Feb. 6, 2002
Before the web became synonymous with cyberspace, Gopher was arguably the most popular Internet search engine, and despite rumors to the contrary, it's alive and "digging."

An Official Fake Scam Web Site
SearchDay #197, Feb. 5, 2002
Borrowing the tactics of stock market con artists, the Securities and Exchange Commission's new fake investment web site has lured thousands of unwitting users who ultimately discover they've been scammed.

Google tlhIngan majQa'! (Google Does Klingon :-)
SearchDay #196, Feb. 4, 2002
Google continues to go where no search engine has gone before, adding new interface languages including the warriors' tongue, Klingon.

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In Search Engine Arms Race, Google Raises User Experience Bar
It's been the mantra since the advent of the Internet, but some people still don't get it. Interactive marketing is all about user choice, and companies that respect that will be successful.

Making Your Pages Easy for Search Engines to Index
Achieving high rankings for Web sites on search engines has become a black art. Cloaks, repetitive chanting, hidden rubrics, squeaky doorways and voracious spiders all play their part. But there is an alternative approach.

Information Design Using Card Sorting
The difficulty in organizing content stems from a lack of knowledge about how real users make use of this information. Without this, any exercise in information design is a purely theoretical one. A card sorting session can go a long way towards resolving this problem.

Ask Jeeves Betters Q4, Takes Back Jeeves UK,2198,3531_970621,00.html
The question and answer search engine posts a loss but beats Wall Street by a mile and looks to a rebound in 2002.

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Playmate Checkmates Hefs Mag...
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Govt. portal to get upgrade...
USA Today Feb 7 2002 7:52AM GMT
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