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A Guide to Search Engine Marketing
SearchDay, Aug. 8, 2002
A new book tackles the ambitious challenge of explaining how search engines work, and the optimizing and marketing techniques that can improve search engine rankings.

The Seven Deadly Nyms
SearchDay, Aug. 7, 2002
Virtuous searching takes more than hard work and clean thinking -- you must keep constant vigilance against the seven deadly nyms that can play the devil with your search results.

Deja Vu: The Web Remembered
SearchDay, Aug. 6, 2002
Deja Vu allows you to experience the web's early years of stark text landscapes navigated with 'line mode' browsers -- a fascinating snapshot of the environment endured by the web's pioneers.

The Web Intelligence Consortium
SearchDay, Aug. 5, 2002
A group of researchers has launched a new consortium focused on artificial intelligence and advanced information technology on the next generation of Web-empowered products, systems, services, and activities.

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Ohio Governor Signs Anti-Spam Law
Ohio's Governor Bob Taft signed into law the Ohio Senate Bill 8, which allows Internet subscribers to sue spammers for up to $50,000 plus costs, and allows ISPs to sue for up to $500,000.

AOL's Got Your Numbers (Should You Be Allowed to Use Them?)
Marketer's Utopia or Orwellian Nightmare? AOL flirts with the prospect of sharing what might be the richest customer data around.

Spyware, Pop-Ups, TiVo, and Spam
Striking a balance between marketers' and consumers' needs isn't going to be easy.

Method for Anchoring Metallic Layers Could Speed MRAM Development,4028,6551_1439401,00.html
A new method for depositing metal atoms on very thin oxide layers may help computers boot up instantly, making entire memories immediately available for use.

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BBC Aug 9 2002 10:38AM GMT
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Why ads on the net don't work...
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Automotive Portal Taps BEA for New Architecture...
Internet News Aug 8 2002 6:19PM GMT
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Optimizing Dynamic Content For The Search Engines...
High Rankings Aug 8 2002 6:16PM GMT
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Porn spam on the rise...
The Register Aug 8 2002 4:04PM GMT
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.au Dispute Resolution Policy launched...
Demys Aug 8 2002 1:07PM GMT
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Two million iranians log onto Yahoo daily,...
National Center For Policy Analysis Aug 8 2002 10:08AM GMT
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Reed Elsevier optimistic on growth...
Media Guardian Aug 8 2002 9:54AM GMT
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IPv6: The Future of Internet Addresses...
Linux Magazine Aug 8 2002 4:09AM GMT
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Google Teaming Up With the NY Times...
Research Buzz Aug 7 2002 6:36PM GMT
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Premium Online Content Models That Work... Aug 7 2002 4:13PM GMT
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Vietnam cracks down on 'harmful' Internet use...
ZDNet Aug 7 2002 11:12AM GMT
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