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The Search Engines Ask You
SearchDay, June 20, 2002
At the Search Engine Strategies conference, representatives of the major search engines turned the tables on participants, asking the audience to respond to their key issues and concerns.

A Dream Job: Getting Paid to Search
SearchDay, June 19, 2002
Do you dream of being a professional searcher, paid to spend your days sleuthing for online information? A new book shows you how, with profiles of eleven super searchers who've succeeded on their own.

Tracking and Measuring Search Engine Marketing Success
SearchDay, June 18, 2002
It's not enough to simply optimize your web site and hope for high traffic. You need to use tools techniques to assure success, according to a panel of search engine marketing experts.

FAST Sprints to 2.1 Billion Docs; Google Upgrades Appliance
SearchDay, June 17, 2002
FAST announced today that it has expanded its index to 2.1 web billion pages, taking the lead from Google in the search engine size wars. Google announced enhancements to its Search Appliance.

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iPhrase a 'Natural' Choice for Terra Lycos
When iPhrase began work on a search engine it weighed speed and accuracy equally. The result, One Step, allows users to ask questions in conversational language.

Webby Awards Best Of The Web
Google, BBC and Yahoo among this year's big winners at the once festive event that has pared down its profile since the dot-com downturn.

Battle for Control of .org Begins
With the deadline passed, 11 applicants stand ready with bid proposals to run the .org registry.

Text Links: The Forgotten Placement
Pity the poor text link, which garners not a fraction of the attention it so richly deserves.

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Internet users relax - .za domain is safe...
IOL Jun 21 2002 1:36PM GMT
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Jupiter sells research, events business to INT...
CNET Jun 21 2002 1:23PM GMT
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VeriSign ordered to stop deceptive marketing... Jun 21 2002 10:53AM GMT
Dotster Launches Domain Protection Services...
theWHIR Jun 21 2002 8:08AM GMT
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Bitten by in-box overload at work? Call a spam-buster... Jun 21 2002 7:27AM GMT
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Go Daddy Pursues VeriSign Damages...
New York Times Jun 21 2002 6:53AM GMT
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China wrestles an online dragon...
Christian Science Monitor Jun 21 2002 6:50AM GMT
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Bush Presses Supremes on Filters...
Wired News Jun 20 2002 8:07PM GMT
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Spammer cracks into AOL search engine...
ZDNet Jun 20 2002 11:52AM GMT
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Webcast royalty rate to be set today... Jun 20 2002 8:36AM GMT
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Natural Language Search For Portal...
Content-Wire Jun 20 2002 8:17AM GMT
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Multi-Lingual Term Catalogues With XML Technology...
Content-Wire Jun 20 2002 8:17AM GMT
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Cloudmark Unveils P2P Anti-Spam System... Jun 20 2002 5:31AM GMT
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