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Why Search Engines Fail
SearchDay, Aug. 29, 2002
Two major research studies stress-tested web site search engines around the world, analyzing search failures and offering important insights for dramatically improving search usability.

New Search Engine Resource Center
SearchDay, Aug. 28, 2002
The Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX) offers an excellent collection of articles, links and news that should be on every serious searcher's short list of must-read resources.

Find It Online: A Searcher's Baedeker
SearchDay, Aug. 27, 2002
The third edition of Alan Schlein's 'Find It Online' is both a guided tour of the web's most interesting and exotic information resources, and a hands-on tutorial for becoming a searching expert.

Science Search Engine Scirus Gets New Features
SearchDay, Aug. 26, 2002
Elsevier Science and Fast Search & Transfer have launched a new release of Scirus, a science-specific Web search engine that won Search Engine Watch's Best Specialty Search Engine Award in 2001.

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Filtering Our Rights Along With Our Email?
You've got mail (if it's OK with Big Brother)!

Masters Of Their Domains?
With the dot-com bubble burst, registrars look to adapt and thrive in a more subdued market for Internet addresses.

Divide Long Pages in Sections/Folders,,12760_96771,00.html
This JavaScript allows to divide a web page into as many folders as you want. It will build automatically an html page according to your different sections, with each section displayed in its own folder.

Napster Sale Hearing Set Amidst Objections
Last-minute objections threaten to derail Bertelsmann's purchase of the controversial file-sharing service in bankruptcy court.

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Online search engines news
Google searches for exposure--overseas...
ZDNet Aug 30 2002 12:26PM GMT
Web developer news
HTML Tip: Avoid Duplicate Form Submissions...
Net Mechanic Aug 30 2002 4:26AM GMT
Online search engines news Releases New Version of it's Essay Database...
URLwire Aug 30 2002 1:36AM GMT
Dealing With Directories (Yahoo, DMOZ, LookSmart)...
High Rankings Aug 29 2002 7:18PM GMT
Domain name news
I'll see your domain name in Court!...
Demys Aug 29 2002 12:58PM GMT
Online portals news
Netscape usage down to 3.4%... Aug 29 2002 10:36AM GMT
Online content news
Information Today Acquires The CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research Newsletter from BiblioData...
EContent Aug 29 2002 9:32AM GMT
Online search engines news
Inktomi cuts out content management delays... Aug 29 2002 8:50AM GMT
Online marketing news
FEC to Look into Web Political Ad Restrictions...
AtNewYork Aug 29 2002 8:07AM GMT
Pop-Up Ads: Trash 'Em All...
osOpnion Aug 29 2002 6:56AM GMT
Online portals news
AOL to launch new Netscape browser...
CNET Aug 29 2002 5:46AM GMT
Online search engines news
Mr. Anti-Google...
Salon prem Aug 29 2002 5:39AM GMT
Google's Endless Summer...
Traffick Aug 29 2002 4:40AM GMT
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