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SearchDay #34, June 21 - 12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers
Do you want to avoid being verbigerative and be succinct instead? Or nab a free Swiss Army Knife for your browser, which includes metasearch, a language translator, news, a spam filter, a links manager, and some useful network tools? Check out the dozen sites and tools covered in this roundup.

SearchDay #33, June 20 - What Search Engines See Isn't Always What You Get
Cloaking is a technique used by some webmasters to deliver one page to a search engine for indexing, while serving an entirely different page to everyone else -- in short, the classic bait and switch technique applied to the web.

SearchDay #32, June 19 - Web Archaeology: Yahoo Relics
Do you remember what Yahoo looked like in 1994? Digging into the web reveals several fascinating relics of the service that later morphed into the portal we're familiar with today.

SearchDay #31, June 18 - Searching on the Right Side of the Brain
Brain dominance may play a major role in your success in finding what you're looking for on the web. Here are two search engines that help you tap into the intuitive, holistic and integrative strengths of the right side of the brain.

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Napster CEO Warns Librarians On P2P,2198,3531_786041,00.html
CEO Hank Barry says libraries looking into peer-to-peer file sharing could suffer the same fate as his online song-swapping service unless there are changes in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Registrar Directory: Speednames Profile
Going global is more than making Web content accessible from any place, anytime. If your ISP needs to provide clients with a regional presence on a worldwide scale, Speednames has a registry solution for you.

California Blackout Warnings Now Online,2198,3531_786851,00.html
Leave it to California to come up with a digital solution to the state's power woes by launching its rolling blackout alert system on the Internet.

VeriSign Taking .biz Signups,2198,3531_787531,00.html
As the race for the new generic Top Level Domain .biz reaches its second leg, the company that runs the .com domain pole-positions its customers for the .biz scramble.

My Domain No Longer Exists
Members of the ISP-Webhosting list explain why nobody should try to transfer a Network Solutions domain that is about to expire—-you could get stuck with nonexistent property and a headache.

VeriSign, RealNames Speak Your Language,2198,3531_788271,00.html
More than 350 non-English languages are now accessible for URLs and Keywords for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.

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