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SearchDay #59, July 26 - 12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers
Search by geographic location, unleash your own search spider on the Web, see preview screenshots of every page returned in a search result list -- check out the dozen sites and tools covered in this roundup.

SearchDay #58, July 25 - It's Fresher at FAST
FAST announced that its search engine, with an index of more than 625 million web pages, is completely refreshed every nine to twelve days.

SearchDay #57, July 24 - The Anti-Napster
While Napster remains shuttered, another search and play service offers a compelling alternative for getting your online music fix. MSN Music is about as opposite from Napster as you can get -- and for both music fans and musicians, that's a good thing.

SearchDay #56, July 23 - Extreme Searching Confusion
Clarification and additional information on last week's review of The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines.

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Napster Alternatives On The Rise,2198,3531_805651,00.html
While time spent using Napster in the U.S. drops 70 percent, Bodetella, Audiogalaxy and Imesh become the latest adopted alternatives.

Chicken Soup for the Internet's Soul,3371,10417_806641,00.html
Just when it seems that the Internet will never amount to much beyond email and eBay, along come some new technologies that once again offer a glimmer of hope that something really worthwhile is on the horizon.

XML 101
This article from Jeff Jones provides a high-level description of what XML is (and what it´s not), discusses the key components of an XML document, and provides a compelling argument for why it´s well worth your while to learn more about XML.

Analyzing Site Traffic,,10380_808611,00.html
How do you gauge the success of your site? Well, a brick-and-mortar business would count cash at the end of the day. Aside from running to your mailbox to collect commission checks, analyzing site traffic can help achieve your goal of boosting affiliate sales and commissions.

Internet Domain Names for Sale At WebMagic,2325,5321_808641,00.html
The guys that helped bring us and are selling off some 300 domain names for both business and humanitarian reasons.

Gnotella Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Client Hits 1.0 Release
Auto-retry, server status icons, and multiple-host "hot switching" lead the list of new features in the 1.0 release of Gnotella, a free Gnutella-based client for Windows PCs.

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