Finding Search Engine Optimization Professionals

Looking for help crafting search engine friendly pages and link building programs? These directories of search engine optimization and marketing professionals can help you locate the person or firm that's right for your needs.

One of the most common requests I get is for help with search engine optimization and marketing. I no longer do this type of work, other than to write an occasional SearchDay article on some aspect of SEO. Of course, there's a ton of useful information freely available on the Search Engine Watch site, and even more in-depth information for members.

But some people would rather hire a professional to help with the job, which these days, frankly, is probably a good idea for most. The problem many people face is in locating the right person or firm to do the job.

One approach is to scan the list of participants at Search Engine Strategies conferences. Some of these folks are professional search engine marketeers, and are very good at what they do. There are biographies available for most participants on the Search Engine Strategies web pages, often with links to their company sites.

Another approach is to use a directory of search engine marketing professionals. There are two currently available, with another that will be available in late June, from SearchDay's publisher, INT Media.

One of the first directories of SEO professionals was launched by long-time search engine marketer Terry "Webmaster T" Van Horne. The directory was an outgrowth of an effort to organize search engine marketing professionals and to promote "best practices" that search engine marketers should follow.

The directory currently consists of more than 235 search engine marketing and optimization consultants in 24 countries.

In addition to the directory, there's lots of useful information about search engine optimization, including a "complaints registry" of information about alleged search engine spammers.

The SEO Consultants Directory is a new effort that was officially launched last Saturday. The directory is a vertical portal (Vortal) venture conceptualized and developed by Edward Lewis and his team of graphic designers and database developers.

The team's goal is to provide the Internet public with a targeted industry specific Vortal that contains a database of select Internet marketing professionals from around the world. The team's motto is "Our focus is on quality and not quantity."

The directory is searchable by state, country, language, address criteria, company name or keywords. There's also useful information about search engine marketing, organized in sections for both consumers and consultants.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, INT Media, publisher of SearchDay and the Search Engine Report, is compiling an extensive directory of search engine marketing professionals. The site is currently accepting submissions from SEO pros, and is not yet available to users. Once the site launches on Monday, June 24, it promises to be another useful resource.

If you're looking for help with search engine optimization or marketing, spend some time with these useful resources. They'll likely save you a lot of time finding the search engine professional that meets your own individual needs.

Search Engine Watch Membership Information

Membership provides you with access to Search Engine Watch's "Members-Only Area," which has detailed information about all the major search engines, including submission tips, what's considered spamming, important design issues relating to relevancy, and other topics.

Search Engine Strategies

From this page, use the links to either upcoming or past conferences. Each conference features an agenda with biographies of participants, often with links to their company web sites.

SEO Pros

Browse the directory by country, or use advanced search to search by postal code, province/state, city and country.

SEO Consultants Directory

Use a variety of search criteria to locate qualified consultants. All submissions are reviewed prior to inclusion in the directory, leading to a targeted result list of qualified SEO/SEM consultants and companies.

Search Engine Marketers: Include your company on before it launches June 24th.

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