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Buying phrases?
Webmaster World Forums
"I got a call today from someone wanting to sell me keywords from the browser address bar, similar to what RealNames did. I was going to purchase a 2 word phrase for $1000 for the year..."

Google spider suggestion
Webmaster World Forums
"How could Google benefit from compression?"

The life of a new page in Google
Cre8asite Forums
"Some (or many) people might not understand what happens to a new page after Google spiders it, so I thought I'd write it down."

State of the ODP: 3.5 million in, 1.1 million unreviewed
Webmaster World Forums
"Speaking generally about the ODP is a bit like the three blind guys who all touched different parts of an elephant and thus described completely different animals."

Selling SEO services
Cre8asite Forums
"How do you market your services? Do you push the package deals or be careful to tailor every aspect to the client's needs?"

Best results FAST have produced
Webmaster World Forums
"Fast (AllTheWeb) has reworked a major portion of their results and are by most accounts, returning the most accurate and relevant results to date."

Searcher conversion
The I-Search Discussion List 2002-12-17
"Karyn's sentiments echo how crucial it is to write copy that's geared to your customers - not just the search engines. It does no good to have a number one Google ranking if people surf away from your site the second they land."

The new HotBot
ihelpyou Forums
"...if you start to feel that there might be things you're missing with Google, or if the results aren't coming up quite right for your keywords, this HotBot interface will be extremely helpful."

FEO : Froogle Engine Optimization
Webmaster World Forums
"Still warm on the server, FEO (Froogle Engine Optimization) is already in full bloom."

Notes from SES Dallas
Webmaster World Forums
" already outstanding lineup of speakers covering conversion rates, writing for the engines, paid placement strategies, dealing with dynamic sites, click fraud, small biz and non-profit organizations, links, and most anything else one can imagine."

Is Google becoming a monopoly?
ihelpyou Forums
"You can't please everyone and as long as they keep trying to please the user, I think they have their priorities straight."

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