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From time to time, SearchDay takes quick looks at interesting search-related sites, services and tools. While you'll want to consider adding many of these to your search toolkit, others are just for fun.

Looking for something to read? Allreaders.com is a search engine that categorizes books into hundreds of literary elements--plot, setting, theme, characters --all of which are searchable.

"Think of Artloop as your personal art consultant. We'll help you research artists, stay current about news and museum exhibitions, locate artworks -- from any source, anywhere -- and help you manage your collection."

Diggit! is a new image search engine that lets you search for images using other images and keywords. Image matching is based on color, shape, and texture. You can even paint your queries right in your browser window using the Diggit! FX (ActiveX) or Diggit! Graffiti (Java) applets.

Elvis lives, natch, on the Web. ElvisSearch.com is a specialized directory dedicated to the King of Rock. All sites are reviewed (by content and design) and rated with 1 to 4 stars. Each site is presented with a screenshot, a description and keywords and some other information.

Linking And Crawling Issues
This article covers some of the legal aspects of linking and crawling that may have an impact on both web site developers and search engines. Written by attorney Ivan Hoffman who specializes in online content and intellectual property issues.

Although the "other" Chris Sherman has already registered chrissherman.com, you might be able to register the domain with your own full name. Pdom is a search engine and domain registry that focuses exclusively on personal domain names, and also offers an online global personal name population database, which generates data on the frequency of names around the world.

PeerIntelligence is a "knowledge hub" for applying Peer-to-Peer technologies. The site features a directory of P2P sites, news, articles, and research into P2P applications.

SearchEzee is simply an easy interface to more than 200 search engines worldwide. While it doesn't offer meta search capabilities, it makes it easy to search any of these engines simply using the pull down menu and submitting the query.

TypicallySpanish is a directory and search engine for English Language pages on Spain and things Spanish. The results from typicallyspanish are clearly labeled English or Spanish, allowing you to browse entirely separate directories.

Walhello is a small multi-lingual search engine that offers some interesting information not normally included in search results, such as the number of additional pages containing your keywords at each domain and whether the result page includes multimedia files.

WAPJAG World is a directory of more than 40 international WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) search engines, from the folks who power the WAP directory search engines of AOL Europe and Lycos Europe.

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