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All good journalists are adept at discovering information, and some of the best Internet discovery tools are maintained by reporters who've published their list of sources on the web.

One of my favorite sites is maintained by Bill Dedman, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who has found some outstanding treasures for searchers. The site, called Power Reporting, is a directory of thousands of sites, uniquely organized to help on-deadline reporters find information in a hurry.

For example, one category is called "beat-by-beat" with topics ranging from Aging to Work. Other categories include Companies, People Finders, Reference Shelf, and so on. You can either browse the main categories, or use the site map that exposes all of the subcategories on a single page. Power Reporting also has its own site search tool.

If you want to learn to search like a journalist, there are numerous learning aids available on the site. There's a no-nonsense web search tutorial, links to journalism "shop-talk" sites, and an entertaining "treasure hunt" that'll test the skills of even the best searchers.

Dedman regularly updates the site with new resources, and publishes a free email alert noting his finds each month. Even if you're not a journalist, Power Reporting is an excellent resource and belongs in every searcher's tool kit.

Power Reporting


More Net search resources for journalists, from the non-profit/non-partisan Foundation for American Communications.

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