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The XXXIVX@#!rd Olympiad kicks off tomorrow, with the usual media coverage we've come to expect. This year, however, traditional media is extensively supplemented with world-class online information resources that offer everything from up to the minute news and stats to extensive histories of the games.

At the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, more than 2000 athletes representing more than 70 nations will compete in 78 different events. In past years, we've largely been forced to rely on traditional media for news and information about the games, enduring problems compounded by time zones and major gaps in coverage.

This year, the web promises to become the venue of choice for all things Olympic. With everything from news and stats to streaming media available, this year's challenge is coping too much information, rather than too little.

Fortunately, there are some great pathfinder sites that'll help you quickly get what you're looking for.

Start with the official site of the Winter Olympics. It's packed with information, but it's also as crowded and busy as the Olympic Village in Utah.

Once you've seen what's available on the official site, a better choice to cut directly to the chase for Olympic information is Gary Price's Winter Olympics 2002: Ready Reference Resources page. Gary's goal is "save the time of the searcher" and he's mined out some of the best resources the web has to offer, and organized these links by subject.

For timely news, Yahoo Sports 2002 Olympic Games carries on in with their "full coverage" tradition of linking to a wide variety of information sources on the web, each screened and selected by Yahoo editors.

Finally, if you're feeling nostalgic, check out The Olympic Museum - Winter Games site maintained by the International Olympic Committee. Here you'll find all kinds of interesting stories and tidbits -- did you know that half of the events have been added to the Olympic program since 1984?

Olympics Search Resources:

Salt Lake 2002
The official site of the 2002 winter Olympics.

Winter Olympics 2002: Ready Reference Resources
Gary Price's comprehensive list of links for sites related to the winter Olympic games.

Yahoo Sports 2002 Olympic Games
Yahoo's outstanding full coverage of the events.

The Olympic Museum - Winter Games
A history of the winter Olympic games, from 1924 through the 1998 games in Nagano, Japan.

Winter Olympics Through The Years
Another interesting history site that's worth a look.

Search Engine Watch Award Winners Announced

In January 2002, readers of Search Engine Watch's various newsletters were invited to vote on their favorite services in different categories. The votes and suggestions were used by Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan and myself in making the final decisions about award winners.

We've tallied up all of your suggestions, had several discussions and have finally announced this year's winners. It's an interesting group -- including a few surprises. Be sure to check it out!

2001 Search Engine Watch Awards

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