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SearchDay #39, June 28 - Backwash: A Web Concierge
Backwash is a hybrid portal, community and search site that organizes the Internet by personality, not by subject matter like most traditional search engines and directories. It's almost like a web concierge that can advise you on the best online places to visit based on your own personalized interests.

SearchDay #38, June 27 - Information Wants to be Valuable
One the greatest myths of our time is that 'Information wants to be free.' In fact, powerful commercial forces are likely to profoundly change the very nature of how knowledge is produced and shared, in ways that we can now barely imagine.

SearchDay #37, June 26 - Google Polishes its Image
Picture this: Google has taken the wraps off its new specialized image search engine, allowing you to search and browse more than 150 million digital images.

SearchDay #36, June 25 - Speaking in Tongues at Google
Google's gone multilingual, allowing you to search in 48 languages including Bengali, Welsh, Telugu, Elmer Fudd and Pig Latin. Soon, you'll be able to search in any language, and automatically translate results from one language to another.

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VeriSign To Buy Denmark's,2198,3531_789111,00.html
The sale of Danish Corporate Domain Name Services expands VeriSign's empire in seven European countries.

How to Get Free Publicity for Your Business,3371,10378_789061,00.html
Having trouble generating press about your company and landing it in the public eye? Alexis Gutzman offers some essential strategies to help you turn the media spotlight on your own business.

Internet Squeegee,3371,10296_790021,00.html
A recent ECTalk discussion focuses on "screen-scraping" — automatically retrieving information from Web sites for deposit into another location.

Selective Thinking,3371,10380_791041,00.html
One of the best things about the Internet is that you can research anything thoroughly. One of the worst things about the Internet is that you can research anything exhaustively. With, online customers can make informed decisions without putting on their thinking caps.

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