Cybercafe Search Engines

On the road and wanting to get online? These cybercafe search engines can help you find internet access in hundreds of cities around the world.

On a recent trip to the small city of Townsville, Australia, I was delighted to find not one but several cybercafes near my hotel. No surprise, really -- internet access is available just about everywhere on the planet now -- at least in places where most people would want to travel.

These search engines make it easy to find cybercafes when you're on the road -- just remember to use them before you leave home!

The Cybercafe Search Engine

Listings for more than 6,000 verified cybercafes, public internet access points and kiosks in 169 countries. Results list the address of each cybercafe, and web site URL and email address, if available. Also offers specialized search function that let you limit results to public internet kiosks, and terminals cybercafes on cruise ships.
A database of more than 4,000 internet cafes in 140 countries. Searches can be limited by clicking on a world map, selecting a country from a pull-down menu, or by city name. Results include name, address, phone, email address, home page, hours of operation, prices and a brief description of facilities.

Google's Open Directory listings, listing cybercafes by specific countries, and also several other cybercafe search and information resources.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Today's Search Engine Forums Spotlight is longer than usual, since it was not published last week.

Have you got a Google word?
ihelpyou Forums
"Branding works. Now it is not that keyword marketing doesn't work. It is just that I think keyword marketing works well in the short term but after awhile, particularly if a BRAND marketer comes into your field, you will eventually be sunk..."

Hong Kong search engines
Webmaster World Forums
"Can anyone suggest the popular search engines for Hong Kong?"

Duplicate content and creative commons licenses
Cre8asite Forums
"Will having the articles reproduced in other places have a negative impact on how the pages or sites show up in the search engines?"

Alexa review issues
Webmaster World Forums
"The Alexa site open review system has led to more than one webmaster waking up to a negative review left by their competition."

Gimpsy - the industrious hamster
ihelpyou Forums
"Yesterday, we announced some major changes and enhancements to Gimpsy..."

How to get listed in Google in 30 days
ihelpyou Forums
"Google loves weblogs... The quickest way to get listed in Google is to start a weblog in a family of blogs like Radio Userland, etc."

Overture to buy AltaVista
ihelpyou Forums
"I would guess Overture are only buying it for the Algorithmic backend. It's got to be a lot cheaper than developing it yourself if you can find a failing company who want to sell..."

Overture buying Alta Vista
Webmaster World Forums
"I hope for the best with this acquisition. Perhaps Overture thinks that they can return Alta Vista to their former glory (and make a lot of additional money doing it), but I for one wouldn't bet on it."

Google seems to be getting more difficult to use for me
Webmaster World Forums
"This is a pretty good chance to give constructive feedback on improvements--what would regular users like to see?"

Google buys Pyra - makers of Blogger
Webmaster World Forums
"Of course I don't know what Google plans on doing with Blogger either, but here are some general thoughts..."

20 most popular se's/directories in Spain
Webmaster World Forums
" from a recent survey..."

Stopping people from translating using Google
Webmaster World Forums
"I would like to stop people from translating my pages from one language to another. This is made difficult because Google fetches the page for the user and then on-the-fly translates."

PPC tracking script / software
Cre8asite Forums
"I was wondering if there is a way of tracking a click from an Overture sponsored link... Is there any recommended script which can provide what would essentially I guess be a session id kind of thing?"

Yahoo and Inky
ihelpyou Forums
"Yahoo seems to be very much on their game right now and they definitely have done an about face where search is concerned. Google IMHO, was a stop gap to get them through to when they make the real move."

PPCs in Korea
Webmaster World Forums
"With all the hype about overture's launch in the Korean market in a few months, I thought that people interested in PPCs in Asia should know that a local PPC already officially launched, called Zingu."

Statmarket Survey: Net surfing a dying sport
Webmaster World Forums
"It's important to note in the story that search engine usage is actually up, and significantly up, from 8 to 13 percent."

Importance of the ODP to search engines
Webmaster World Forums
"Who can name a major SE that doesn't use the Dmoz data?"

What's best, one big index, or a lot of small ones?
Webmaster World Forums
"If you can squeeze that many links on a page and still make it effective for the user and spidering SE, more power to you. From a usability standpoint, I think there may be some issues for most audiences."

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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