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SearchDay, July 25, 2002
The Pew Internet Project has released a fascinating report detailing just how important search engines are to web users, with some interesting statistics about the most common kinds of information people search for.

FAST Complies with FTC Search Engine Advisory
SearchDay, July 24, 2002
Responding to recent FTC recommendations, FAST has added additional information about how it crawls web pages and displays search results, including information about paid placement and paid inclusion content.

Buying vs. Leasing Search Engine Traffic
SearchDay, July 23, 2002
When considering search engine marketing strategies, it's important to consider both short term and long term approaches, or 'buying' vs. 'leasing' web site traffic.

Banish Your Unbidden Spyware
SearchDay, July 22, 2002
Some web sites and many seemingly innocent shareware programs install spyware on your computer, silently tracking your online movements. Here's how to find and eradicate these pernicious e-snoops.

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Scandalous Sites
Enron. Andersen. Martha Stewart. Traficant. A rogues gallery -- of Web sites?

Is Anti-Virus Software Obsolete?
Signature-based anti-virus scans running on the desktop aren't enough to fight the sophisticated nature of viruses and worms circulating through the Internet these days, experts say, which is helping managed security services gain traction.

JPEG Patent Becoming A Battleground
With media giant Sony by its side, Forgent Networks wants to collect royalties for the file format. Users are critical of the company's timing.

One Step Closer to Smart Refrigerators
Echelon's i.LON adapter is designed to provide a cost-effective way for ISPs to monitor and control small networks of everyday devices in homes, apartments, and small buildings over the Internet, and provide additional services.

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