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Automated Link Generators - Not Worth The Trouble
SearchDay, Jan. 17, 2002
Link popularity is crucial for search engine success, but don't even think of using automated software to help -- these programs are both useless and offensive.

Lycos Enhances Advanced Search
SearchDay, Jan. 16, 2002
As part of a renewed commitment to improving its web search capabilities, Lycos has quietly introduced new advanced features that are both powerful and easy to use.

The Search Engine Spam Police
SearchDay, Jan. 15, 2002
We don't like spam! Three prominent anti-spam crusaders pull no punches when describing common mistakes that will automatically banish your site from the major search engines.

Searching to a Different Beat
SearchDay, Jan. 14, 2002
All good journalists are adept at discovering information, and some of the best Internet discovery tools are maintained by reporters who've published their list of sources on the web.

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Yahoo for Researchers
Defining the rules is the first step in winning the game.

Site Map Usability
The Nielsen Norman Group has released a study on site map usability. Summarized on and available in PDF form, this new report shows that most webmasters and users underutilize site maps.

Super Site Searching Strength,,10380_952881,00.html
Popular and powerful Google offers a number of searching services to enhance any e-commerce site.

Customer Data? We Don't Have Any Customer Data
You start a new job and, much to your horror, discover that the company doesn't analyze its Web site log files. It's time for you to change that.

Ask Jeeves Wraps Its Arms Around Octopus,2198,3531_954091,00.html
The question-answer search engine is on a buying binge as the company acquires Steve Douty's CRM startup for its Jeeves Solutions division.

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