The Week in Review Spared from Extinction
SearchDay, Nov. 29, 2001
A U.S. Bankruptcy court has approved InfoSpace's $10 million bid for certain Excite@Home assets, including domain names, trademarks and user traffic associated with the Web site.

Search Engine Anti-Optimization
SearchDay, Nov. 28, 2001
A novel proposal would allow webmasters to *reduce* search engine rankings for specific keywords and phrases, deliberately making pages all but impossible to be found by search engines.

Build Your Own Portable, Personal Search Engine
SearchDay, Nov. 27, 2001
Take a page from Google's playbook and create a searchable cache of important web pages with your own portable, personal search engine.

Fyuse: An Eclectic "My" Portal
SearchDay, Nov. 26, 2001
Fyuse takes the concepts of web-clipping, push-technology, affiliation and distributed content and encapsulates them into a slick, easy to use personalized portal customized to your tastes.

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Madam Yahoo Sees All,2198,3531_928481,00.html
No need for calling Ms. Cleo. and Yahoo see profits in the stars by charging users for detailed personal astrological reports.

A Worldwide Internet - One Country At A Time
238 country code managers have not signed agreements with ICANN. The country codes that have not yet been sold out to the highest bidders are to be sold on the open market. As a result, the fight for ccTLD control continues—one country at a time.

Web Classification Is Essential
Before you build your Web site, take some time to do the upfront chores that'll ensure you'll have a firm foundation.

Internet License Plate Gallery
Why be a 286-HZL when you can instead be an XML GIRL? Whether used for advertising, expressing opinions, or just plain fun, vanity license plates give us a way to express our Internet devotion wherever we go.

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