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Search Engines and Legal Issues, Continued
SearchDay, October 24, 2002
Is copying a web page 'fair use'? How many of your competitors' keywords or trademarks can you legally use on a web page? Recent court cases provided answers.

Search Engines and Legal Issues
SearchDay, October 23, 2002
What do Playboy and pagejacking, tarot readings and taxes all have in common? They were the subjects of ground-breaking court cases that set legal precedents for acceptable practices on the web.

NewsSeer: All the News that Fits You Personally
SearchDay, October 22, 2002
NewsSeer is both a straightforward news search engine and an adaptive tool that's constantly learning your interests to deliver personalized news tailored to your own needs.

Introducing Search Engine Forums Spotlight
SearchDay, October 21, 2002
Today SearchDay begins publication of a regular new feature, spotlighting interesting, newsworthy or controversial discussions taking place in the numerous search engine forums.

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Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies
For your site to "be global and act local" you should ask yourself three questions: "Do users understand your site?", "Can they find what they're looking for?" and "Can they purchase what they find?"

The Big Lie about Spyware and Adware
'Spyware' and 'adware' aren't synonymous. The difference is important for affiliates to understand.

A WEB CZAR by Any Other Name
Net junkies can often be creative spellers; as illustrated by our latest batch of Internet license plate submissions. Among the new tags: nerds, czars, and Webguys; multiple plates for UNIX lovers; and his-n-hers plates for his-n-hers dot coms.

SBC Yahoo DSL Adds Streaming Media
Seeking an edge over AOL and MSN, Yahoo is using Macromedia servers to deliver streaming video to subscribers include breaking news, entertainment, health, lifestyle, sports and finance reports.

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