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Avast, Ye Search Engine Pirates!
SearchDay, September 12, 2002
Be careful what you type: Domain pirates have registered thousands of names that incorporate or closely resemble those of your favorite search engines.

Help Test an "Adaptive" Search Engine
SearchDay, September 11, 2002
An experimental science and medicine search engine needs your help with its ambitious goal of automatically improving search results by observing user behavior.

Happy Birthday, Google!
SearchDay, September 10, 2002
Four years ago, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated the company. The reason? So they could cash a $100,000 personal check that had been sitting in Page's desk drawer for a couple of weeks.

Suggest a Site for the Search Engine Torture Test
SearchDay, September 9, 2002
Help the editors of Search Engine Watch by suggesting an "ideal" site that should invariably appear in the top ten search results for a specific query.

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Google and Overture: CPM in Disguise?
Your bill may say CPC, but is it really?

A Class in Classification
If you work with information, you probably need to brush up your classification skills.

Plastic Logic Takes Aim at Displays, Packaging and Bar Codes
By using inkjet printing to put thin-film polymer transistors and circuits onto plastic substrates, Plastic Logic hopes to make lightweight, flexible displays for electronic signs, smart cards and even cereal boxes.

Strange Foes
The RIAA, rejuvenated by the recent demise of Napster and Madster (formerly known as Aimster), has set its sights on new prey in its legal onslaught in defense of the record business.

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Online portals news
Yahoo, SBC launch DSL service...
CNET Sep 13 2002 12:52PM GMT
Tech latest
First 'smiley' shows its face...
CNET Sep 13 2002 12:52PM GMT
Domain name news
Dot-Kid Tussle in Congress...
Wired News Sep 13 2002 9:48AM GMT
Online search engines news
China lifts Google restrictions... Sep 13 2002 9:07AM GMT
Online portals news
NASA Looking To Create New All-Inclusive Web Portal... Sep 13 2002 7:37AM GMT
Web developer news
Demystifying Document Management...
WebTechniques Sep 13 2002 5:29AM GMT
Online access news
Amtrak to test Internet access on commuter line...
Nando Times Sep 12 2002 10:31AM GMT
Online search engines news
AltaVista tries to beat Chinese ban...
BBC Sep 12 2002 10:15AM GMT
Online legal issues news
Digital Rights Outlook: Squishy...
Wired News Sep 12 2002 9:58AM GMT
Online portals news
Yahoo and Fox Extend Partnership... Doh!... Sep 12 2002 9:32AM GMT
Top internet stories
World Wide Web Adjusts on Sept. 11...
New York Times Sep 12 2002 6:48AM GMT
Online search engines news
China Toughens Obstacles to Internet Searches...
New York Times Sep 12 2002 3:44AM GMT
Online legal issues news
Court finds online chess is not illegal... Sep 12 2002 1:35AM GMT
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