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SearchDay #74, August 16 - AltaVista Launches Trusted Feed Program
AltaVista's new Trusted Feed program offers unprecedented control to webmasters, allowing submission of 500 or more URLs directly to the search engine via an XML feed.

SearchDay #73, August 15 - Reader Tips 1
SearchDay reader tips: Google, quotation marks, link building.

SearchDay #72, August 14 -- All About XML
XML, or Extensible Markup Language, has finally graduated from being a promising idea to a real technology that's transforming the web in new and powerful ways.

SearchDay #71, August 13
Web searching news headlines from around the Web.

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Visual Search Engines
New object-based visual search tools can yield more relevant results. Now you can tell your computer to "Find images that look like this..."

Interview: Fredrick Marckini on Search Engine Positioning, Pt. II
This week we conclude our interview with Search Engine Positioning pioneer and CEO Fredrick Marckini. In Part II we discuss more search engine specifics, keyword selection, and meta data in general.

Press Release Positioning
Learn how to raise your search engine rankings with press releases. Marcia Yudtin shares six steps for higher traffic with free press release sites.

Whatis: The Map To Better Web Searching
Gary Mosher proposes a "whatis" database for easier informative queries about domains. Whatis would include available site characteristics like news and discussion, that would make finding the type of site you want easier, and help researchers map the Net.

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